Crochet, Art, Photography & Nail Art


Welcome to my re-designed Kerioak site that is still under construction although there is more being added every day.

What am I and what am I going to include ?

As the heading indicates I am a photographer, artist and crochetier.  I am no longer able to do as much photography as I used to (or would like) so am gradually moving to more static pursuits.  I am still available for digital editing should you wish to have your photos edited.

As I develop my re-designed website I also plan to include regular blog posts with my ramblings, photos, tips and the occasional freebie. The more feedback I get on this the more impetus it will give me to continue adding new posts 🙂

Nail Art At Kerioak

My nail art design shop remains untouched and my shop with over 400 different designs including: Dogs / Cats / Horses / Birds / Flowers / Wildlife / Sport  / Motorbikes /  Flags / Etc are  still available from here

Selection of some of my 3 x 3 inch miniature acrylic paintings with easels
Selection of some of my 3 x 3 inch miniature acrylic paintings which come complete with easels

Samples of my Work

Photography & Digital Editing

Photography and digital editing can be fun, especially when taking something as simple as a glass and smoke


Crochet, an ancient craft and one becoming more popular again today

Pastel Art

A winter scene created with blue and white pastels on a black background

Shop Categories

There are only a few crochet garments and one art item at present but I am going to aim to add more every day 6th Jan, 2018

Whats Happening

Photos, stories, freebies

Dobermann with rose

Why Kerioak?

Asking “Why Kerioak” and how my use of this name first came about.