Why Kerioak?

I have often been asked “why Kerioak” when people see the name of my site or my signature.

This is why Kerioak!

The answer is actually very simple.  Many years ago now I needed an affix to register the Dobermanns I was breeding with the Kennel Club. An affix is a kennel name.  It was difficult to find a name or word that no one else had used and I made numerous attempts.  Eventually I combined my first Dobe’s name with part of the house name.  The result was Kerioak.

Time passed and I had various websites starting in the mid 1990’s with ISP’s who disappeared as fast as they arrived.  This was when you had to write everything line by line, including all formatting.  For example, coloured text you still had to use the color hex code such as #ffffff (this is white for those who don’t know.)  It was a laborious undertaking, especially when you started adding tables with dog pedigrees in them as I was doing.  I used to create pretty pedigree forms for other breeders and owners and always signed them as Kerioak.

When I moved to a host who had better facilities I decided to change my site domain from Dobermann to Kerioak.  I believe I was the first to have a dobermann website in the UK.  By the time I set up Kerioak.com there were many others and most of the domains that included the word dobermann had been taken.


My Kerioak Dobermanns were regularly seen on the show and obedience circuits at one time.  At the shows I found I was often doing more dog photography than showing and so my photography evolved.  First with dogs and later with other animals and then by licencing my images though stock libraries, all using the name Kerioak as so many people are called Christine 🙂

Until a year or two ago if you did a web search for Kerioak I was the only one that showed up in the results, these days there are quite a few people using the name.  If it is relating to Dobermanns, Photograpy, Painting or Crochet you are probably looking for me.  I have also been selling my crochet under the Cottage Crochet as I felt it was a better fit.

Dobermann with rose
One of my Dobermanns laying down her paws cross and a red rose held delicately in her mouth. This is also my most copyright infringed photograph with most instances of its appearance on the web being used illegally. It is available to licence.