Yellow and Brown Ruffle Sashay Scarf, dark and light chocolate brown and golden yellow


Yellow and brown ruffle sashay scarf, also known as a flamenco scarf.  This frilly scarf comes in shades of golden yellow and dark and light chocolate brown.

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Yellow and brown Ruffle Sashay Scarf

This style of yellow and brown ruffle sashay scarf has various names such as Sashay, Ruffle, Lacy, Frilly or Flamenco.  Whatever name you call it by, it is a pretty accessory and suitable to wear all the year around in various styles. This one is in shades of brown from milk to dark chocolate and a golden yellow, very pretty and some might say autumnal.   A few ideas for how to wear:

  • Draped elegantly once around your neck,
  • Wound two or three times around your neck
  • Fastened with a brooch or pin
  • Tied in your hair
  • Tied around the handle of your bag
  • Tied in a bow and worn as an elaborate brooch
This scarf is approximately 78 inches (200 cm) long and 3.5 inches (9 cm) wide.  It feels like cotton but is acrylic.

I have a matching scrunchie currently available should you wish to pair them together.


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