Set of nineteen crochet hooks, from size 2.00mm up to 25.00 mm, bamboo and wood.



This set of nineteen crochet hooks should be all you will ever need, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter.

Set of 19 Crochet Hooks. Sizes 2 – 12 mm are bamboo and 15, 20 and 25 mm are birch wood.

I only use bamboo and wood hooks as I find these lovely to work with. They are warm and light and they feel almost soft in my hands compared to aluminum hooks, plus they don’t leave me with aching fingers which I find the metal ones do. The more you use the hooks the more smooth and polished they become. Initially some may have sharp edges but this is easily fixed by rubbing them with a bit of sandpaper (included), this is rarely necessary though..

This set includes just about all the sizes you are likely to need, the tiny ones for thread and lace right through to giant chunky yarn (or as I have done in some the pictures above, twisted four lots of very chunky yarn together to make a lovely thick yarn). It would make a fabulous Christmas Gift for a beginner or experienced crocheter – we can never have too many hooks!

This set of nineteen crochet hooks includes the following sizes:

Metric (UK sizes) :
2.00, 2.5 mm (these feel delicate so treat them carefully until you get the hang of it, although I have not broken mine yet and have been using them for a few years.)
3.00, 3.5, mm
4.00, 4.5, mm
5.00, 5.5, mm
6.00, 6.5, mm
7.00, 7.5, mm
8.00 mm
9.00 mm
10.00 mm
12.00 mm
15.00 mm
20,00 mm
25.00 mm

US Sizes: <B/1, B/1, C/2, <D/3, E/4, G/6, 7, H/8, I/9, J/10, K/10.5, (UK 7 and 7.5mm), L/11, M/13, O/16, P/19, >S, U.

Due to the size of the largest hooks this lovely set will have to be sent out as a small parcel. I have other sets available, including just the 2-12 mm bamboo hooks or the set of three larger birch hooks.  Should you just be looking for one size please let me know and I will do my best to help.


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