Multi Toned Grey Crochet Shawl, in soft acrylic/mohair yarn, 98″ wingspan


Multi-toned grey crochet shawl with hint of glitter in Acrylic and Mohair mix, has a large 98 inch wingspan


Warm and Lightweight Grey Crochet Shawl for those Cooler Days

Large fashionable handmade grey crochet shawl in a lace weight yarn in shades from silver to steel grey.  It has a silver metallic thread running through which gives a lovely sparkle as it catches the light.
This lovely handmade shawl is very lightweight – only 110 grams  and can be worn in so many ways, as a shawl, wrap, headscarf or scarf.  It is ideal to keep in your as packs down to a small size – about the size of a couple of fists as shown. If you wish to use a ziplock bag with the air squeezed out you can get it smaller still to be ready for when the air turns chilly.
​I also currently have this pattern of shawl in a honey gold/brown colour with gold thread (here) or can make one in other colours and yarn weights, they take me about four weeks.
Size approximately 246 cm / 98 inch wingspan with 126 cm / 49 inch drop.  Weight approximately 110 gram.
44% Acrylic
27% Mohair
22% Nylon
7% Polyester
Wash as wool, may be machine washed at 40°, do not iron or tumble dry.  Dry as flat as practical and reshape whilst damp.  May be dry cleaned.

I can make this in other colours and yarns, allow 4 – 6 weeks depending on my work load.

 Note:  Like all my Crochet items, this grey crochet shawl is also for sale elsewhere.  If this should sell there at the same time as here I will refund the second purchaser.