Blue Lovers Knot Shawl, shades of purple and blue


Purple and blue lovers knot shawl, can be worn as shawl, shawlette or scarf


Purple and blue lovers knot shawl with hint of glitter from the metallic thread running through the yarn.

 Hand crocheted triangular shawl or scarf in shades of blue, grey and purple with blue metallic thread.  This blue lovers knot shawl is a lightweight and has a very open stitch when worn as long shawl.  When worn as a shawllette /scarf that it will easily fit in a pocket or bag ready to pull out when needed.  It is crocheted in a stitch known as Lovers Knot or Solomans Seal, which is  lightweight and can be worn as a shawl, wrap or scarf.
I can currently create shawls this design in the same style of yarn (Sirdar Hush), in other colours, use contact form to get in touch.  Allow approximately 14days for me to finish it.
Size approximately 186 cm / 74 inch wingspan with 120 cm / 47 inch drop.  Weight approximately 25 gram.
wash as wool, may be machine washed at 40°, do not iron or tumble dry.  Dry as flat as practical and reshape whilst damp.  May be dry cleaned or

I can make this in other colours and yarns, allow 4 – 6 weeks depending on my work load.

 Note:  Like all my Crochet items, this brown crochet shawl is also for sale elsewhere.  If this should sell there at the same time as here I will refund the second purchaser.