Painting with Rebelle

Painting with Rebelle

A few years ago I purchased a software programme called Rebelle from Escape Motions.  I liked it but found it difficult to use, not because of the programme but because it was slow on my computer and there were limitations on some of the things I wished to paint so I reverted back to acrylics and later pastels.  Now I find painting with Rebelle a joy.

At the beginning of May this year they released Rebelle 3, and what a difference from Version 1!   You have a choice of watercolour, acrylic(oil), pastels, pencil, pen, markers and airbrushing.  All these can be modified by the artist as to the amount of water, depth of colour, texture and size of brush (this is currently limited but they are working on it) .  If you want watercolour drips running down, up or across you paper you can create them. Thick or thin paint, having the canvas visible though the paint or not (various paper options available and you can make your own).

Over the last five years, since I purchased my first software programme from them, I have always found the Escape Motions team to be very helpful and responsive unlike so many companies, that once they have your money you apparently no longer exist.  What impresses me even more about them is that you don’t have to purchase every major upgrade, you can skip one and still get the next at the same upgrade price.  All the smaller upgrades are included and many are released in response to user’s requests. Plus of course there is no monthly licence fee.

I love using this digital painting programme, and No, it does not do the work for you, you still have to create the painting yourself and it takes just as long, sometimes longer than using physical media.  Physically I find the main benefits, especially when I am not so well, are that I can do a little bit at a time and there is no clearing up afterwards 😀

The Sweet Pea image below was my first attempt at a watercolour – and without having to purchase a new set of paints!

Here are a few of my paintings (these are low quality web versions, if you would like a print of any of them please let me know).  Below my portfolio you will find a link to a gallery of other people’s paintings.  As far as I can see many people use Rebelle professionally as well as for the sheer pleasure of being able to paint, why not come and join us, there is now a community page and members can view and comment on other people’s artwork in the galleries.


Rebelle Gallery on Escape Motions Website
Rebelle is available from Escape Motions and Smith Micro Graphics (I have to mention the latter now as I have literally just received notification that I have won third place in their Rebelle colouring competition behind two lovely pictures in first and second places.