Life has a habit of getting in the way

Life has a habit of getting in the way in spite of my best of intentions to add something to my blog on at least a bi-monthly basis, if not more often but this did not happen.   What with work, housework, hospital stays, gardening, pets and keeping up with friends and hobbies my website was not top of the list.  I imagine if it was more interesting and had lots of readers and comments then I would have made more of an effort 🙂

This summer staying cool was also a big part of things with the heat we had here in East Sussex.  The ground dried and cracked and many plants and shrubs died.  The deepest crack I found was thirty-four and a half inches, it may have been deeper but it was a bit crooked and nearly 3 inches wide at the top.  The lawn was brown most of the summer but is now starting to green up and will need cutting again, for maybe the third or fourth time this year!

Pressed Violets Shawl

What have I been up to crochet wise?

I have finished a few shawls and even managed this one for myself in a pale cream colour.  I have worn it often, and, as I say in the descriptions of those I have for sale, it squishes down nicely in my handbag to be pulled out when needed.    Working on a large crochet bedspread or afghan also kept me occupied but this is a year long project, see BAMCAL 2018 on Ravelry if you would like to join in, this is something that is done each year.


Yes, I have done quite a few paintings but I will do a separate post about those and how they have been created.