Jon y Tinica

I have always liked the taste of gin, even before I was supposedly old enough to drink and tended to stick to Gordons or my Spanish faviourite, Larios which is a sweet, smooth with a large hint of citrus fruitiness. Too many of those and you (or rather I) end up asking for a Jon y Tinica, rather than a Gin y Tonica.

Over the last few years Gin and Tonic seems to have become a very fashionable drink with tens if not hundreds of different gins available in a multiple of flavours and colours. I have recently seen Tiger Gin advertised quite a bit but not found a local stockist. However I did manage to get hold of a miniature bottle (which I played with and created this tiger photo).

After playing with the photography (it was too early in the day to drink at that time) it was time for a taste.

Opened the bottle, yup, smells like gin. On first tasting I thought it was quite light, within fractions of a second the spiciness hit, wow, definitely a bite to this one. Tiger gin is a lot more spicy than fruity although there is a hint of fruit there.

Would I recommend it – yes, definitely! There are some I have tried and not liked (as well as some tonics that completely ruin the gin taste) but this would be up there with my favourites.