Jon y Tinica

Jon y Tinica

I have always liked the taste of gin, even before I was supposedly old enough to drink and tended to […]


The cob swan was drifting around the lake at Waterside and then seemed to suddenly realise he had to get […]

Fly Agaric in Pastel

Fly Agaric in Pastel

I have just finished this Fly Agaric in Pastel painting (drawing?), using Rebelle which I mentioned in a previous blog.  […]

Painting with Rebelle

Painting with Rebelle A few years ago I purchased a software programme called Rebelle from Escape Motions.  I liked it […]

Multi-Coloured Crochet Cardigan

Recipes and Patterns

Crocheting Campfire Cardigan and editing the pattern as I go along, different versions, some available for sale.

Dobermann with rose

Why Kerioak?

Asking “Why Kerioak” and how my use of this name first came about.